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I learnt a new word the other day Stopmotionista! I love photography and animation so what better way to combine them and create a feel-good stop motion video. The more I do the more fun I realise you can have with them. Here are my efforts so far…

London in Stop Motion

London’s South Bank in Stop Motion on a summer day with my friend The Kiwi Has Landed an awesome travel blogger and talented photographer and now fellow ‘Stopmotionista’. We wandered the Southbank together with our cameras, people watching and capturing all the action and quirky characters. There is always something happening on the Southbank.


The Deep South & Delta Blues

A two week journey travelling through the Deep South, over 2000 photographs shared in less than 4 minutes!

This video is featured in my article “Sounds of the Deep South, Part One: Nashville

Photographs were all taken on a CANON DLSR camera during a two week trip to the Deep South USA. The song is called “The Heart” from the album “Rivers in the Wasteland” by the American band Needtobreathe.


Two Days in Paris Stopmotion

Two days in Paris, over 2000 photographs in less than 3 minutes.

This video is featured in my article “Two days in Paris

Photographs were all taken on a mobile phone and compact camera during a short trip to Paris. The song is “Lisztomania” from the album Wolfgang Amadeus by the French band Phoenix.


Uptown Funk ‘TrekAmerica’ style!

Leaving video for Hayley Griffiths aka the LovePuffin Travel Blog. Check out how we said goodbye as she set off on her travels around the world and you can follow her adventures at


How’s about a little Moosic

Flip book for Competition
@overheardatmoo My flip book… How about a little moosic? #MooFlip


Type Safari Wembley

Type Safari experiment No.1 Wembley Typography mixed with stop motion animation and music. The first thing i’ve ever uploaded to YouTube!

Music is an extract taken from Le Tigre‘s Deceptacon

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  1. August 16, 2015 / 7:11 pm

    Loving your videos, good work Aneesa. You have some very excellent creative ideas

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