Masters of the Street: Brick Lane Street Art

Brick Lane, has become the centre of East London’s Street Art scene, its world famous. Street Artists want to work there and people flock there to see their work.

Collab @olivierroubieu and @creedoner at the Nomadic Community Gardens

Brick Lane itself has had many incarnations and seen many communities come and go. This makes it the perfect home for a thriving street art scene, as Street Art is by nature forever changing and constantly moving.

On the corner of Hanbury Street and Brick Lane. The same wall, 3 different years: 2013, 2016 and 2017

Why do I love street art?

It’s raw, it’s pure, it’s fresh, it’s current. It’s immediate. It’s not just a personal expression of the artist, it can also represent a moment, a community, a situation that many can identify with. I always look out for the street art wherever I go in the world as it can often tell a different story about a place.

Me taking a close up. Photo credited to @thekiwihaslanded


It can also transform a place…. a dull disused car park can become a vibrant creative space.

@carleendesozer in a courtyard transformed into a pop-up cafe


And it’s right there for everyone. Rich or poor, no background info required – just creative freedom to express yourself! It’s the ultimate ‘modern art’ for me.

Masters of the streets

However you feel about it, you can’t deny the creative talent of the people making this art. Here are some of my favourites…



The Seven Stars Car Park has become a great spot for street art. There used to be a pub here, some of it was demolished at the back leaving some great wall space, which has now been completely taken over by some great work… I’ve named the artist where I can!

One of the first pieces you’ll see in the alley leading to the car park is this epic piece by @vovabomb


Paste ups in the alley by various artists including @subdudelondon




I think this is @carleendesozer because of the keys motif

Obviously, this is just a small fraction of the talent that is on display in the area, spilling into Spitalfields and Shoreditch too. But it’s there and it awaits your discovery! So if you are in London and want to see some amazing work that will make you think, make you smile, make you laugh – head down there for a wander soon.

Brick Lane and The Seven Stars car park were visited in September 2017 and all photos featured in this post were taken at the time, unless otherwise mentioned.

If you enjoyed this post then stay tuned to see what happens when I take a street art class….


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