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Daily Drawing Challenge: 31 Things to Draw

There’s nothing like starting off the new year with a new challenge! I think every year I make a mental list of resolutions, most of which don’t get beyond that (or fizzle out by about a week into January). Joining the gym (to get that bikini body), eating healthier… starting more creative projects, finishing more creative projects, blogging more, travelling more… the list goes on and on.
This year was different and I think this was the challenge that kicked off my 2016! I took part in the CreativeBug: Daily Drawing Challenge with the lovely artist Lisa Congdon. This is what the challenge was all about…

Keeping up with the Daily Drawing Challenge?
Today’s object is…. 

Every single day for the month of January, we were invited to draw along with Lisa! She hand-picked 31 objects and demonstrated several ways to draw each object. This creative exercise was designed to help us look at the everyday objects around us with a view to how we would draw them. Once we completed our daily drawings we could share them on Instagram under the hashtags #CBDrawADay and #Creativebug

This exercise got me drawing again after years of not picking up a pen or pencil. 


My sketchbook


Day 1: Draw a Tree

I got out my sketchbook and was suddenly looking at everything differently, breaking things down into how I would draw them. Then slowly as I got more confident I started to have a lot of fun with it, sometimes finding humour in the object or in the style I would draw. I tried to keep it simple and stuck to just line drawing (as my main goal was to make sure I drew something everyday) not worrying too much about how elaborate the end result was, I’m not the world’s greatest and after about 3 days I stopped working about it. And it worked! I just loved having a reason to draw each day. Some days I really looked forward to it especially at the end of a long day. 

Another aspect of the #31ThingsToDraw was sharing my drawings on Instagram and seeing those of others, even though we were all drawing the same thing, everyone’s style and interpretation was different and lovely to see. 


And then there were the comments… everyone was so supportive of each other, having fun and encouraging, with comments like “Love your jugs” (day 7) or “How do you like them apples?” (day 16) This was another reason I kept going to the end. I felt I got to know some really talented illustrators both professionals and amateurs like myself from all over the world.
Here are a few of my own favourite draws from the challenge. If you’d like to see all of my 31 drawings check out my Instagram and to see more great work by others who did the challenge search out the hashtags #creativebug and #CBDrawADay


Day 31: Telephone... I did it!

Day 31: Telephone… I did it!

The funny thing is once I finished my #31ThingsTo Draw I felt ready to do more, I draw more and am working on a larger canvas, I joined the gym and am still going, did a 3 Day Detox and survived… So am feeling great about the year ahead! 🙂
If you are in need of a challenge and would like to try this one, you still can! Here is the full drawing list and instructions…

Daily Drawing Challenge:

1. Take parts 1-31 of the ‘Daily Drawing Challenge: 31 Things to Draw’ series.

2. Post your drawings to Instagram using the hashtags #creativebug and #CBDrawADay

Day 1: Draw a Tree
Day 2: Draw a Teacup
Day 3: Draw a Chair
Day 4: Draw a Leaf
Day 5: Draw a Rose
Day 6: Draw a Sneaker
Day 7: Draw a Pitcher
Day 8: Draw a Cat
Day 9: Draw a Bird
Day 10: Draw a Mushroom
Day 11: Draw a Broom
Day 12: Draw a Tulip
Day 13: Draw an Owl
Day 14: Draw a Fern
Day 15: Draw a Watch
Day 16: Draw an Apple
Day 17: Draw a Radish
Day 18: Draw a Bikini
Day 19: Draw a Fish
Day 20: Draw a Fork
Day 21: Draw a Cactus
Day 22: Draw a Paintbrush
Day 23: Draw a Spice Jar
Day 24: Draw a House Plant
Day 25: Draw a Boot
Day 26: Draw a Seashell
Day 27: Draw a Lamp
Day 28: Draw Salt and Pepper Shakers
Day 29: Draw Sunshine
Day 30: Draw a Bee
Day 31: Draw a Telephone
You can also watch Lisa Congdon’s videos to help you get started:

Find more information about Creative Bug and their other fun creative projects here: http://blog.creativebug.com/cbdrawaday-with-lisa-congdon/

Enjoy and let me know if you do it @aneesad123 Or if you can recommend a new drawing challenge for  me, please do!


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