Late night at the Barbican: Photo Essay

The Barbican is a great venue for all forms of art, theatre, music and film, but it is also a statement of modern architecture and a well-designed contemporary space in its own right.

At first glance, and for many years it felt like an endless mass of eighties concrete to me. Ugly, dated, grey were words I used to use to describe it, I think the proper description would be “Brutalist Architecture”. But on a recent visit, I suddenly stopped and saw the beauty and thoughtful design that has gone into this amazing complex of buildings.

In particular the Barbican Centre at the heart, I love how this building flows, it celebrates its ‘seventies-ness’ (its heritage) and I love it! What could so easily be a cold concrete space, instead showcases the best of seventies design through its architectural features, the lighting, even the furniture make it a warm and inviting space.

I’m raving about it! I spent a few hours there with my camera on a cold January evening and fell back in time and tried to capture the feeling…







On this same visit to the Barbican Centre I explored the Barbican Conservatory on the top floor, I’m writing a separate blog all about that… coming soon!



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