Album Review: Foals – What Went Down

What Went Down – devoured… dissected… satisfied
This blog post started off as an email to the friend who bought me this album as soon as it came out. I devoured the album and wanted to share how much I loved it so started to write it down and it turned into quite a long email… Thanks always for the music Iain!

When a band you love release a new album there is a certain anticipation and expectation you feel. 
Anticipation. Listening to past albums just to get ready for the new one…
Expectation. Hopes of what the new album could be…
The Foals released their new album ‘What Went Down’ and I had a secret hope of how it would ‘go down’ and I have to say they didn’t disappoint me. They did exactly what I hoped they would do, what you always want a great band to do, they evolved. They drew on all the best elements, their unique sound from their previous albums and mixed them together to create a darker, confident and I have to say very satisfying album.
Here it is song by song
What Went Down Kicking off strong with the first song on the album. Love the confidence of this track, its quite aggressive, just the beginning and preparing you for what’s about to go down…
Mountain at My Gates – my favourite from the album, this is a song that can get me through the day and the video’s pretty cool.
Birch Tree – some of the lyrics in this song make me think of a friend (I’m not saying who) plus flows well into the next song too
Give it All – I started off just loving the sweet everyday lyrics but soon realised the irony, its a really clever song, quietly epic and very different to what’s coming next…
Snake Oil – Yes, yes, yes baby, a slick little sexy number with a bluesy feel, it’s still dark lifts the mood for a little bit.

Albatross – another confident track, love the intro and the pace, it’s a finger tapper’s delight (I’m a finger tapper)

Night Swimmers – a glimpse of Holy Fire, Out of the Woods Part 2. Classic Foals 🙂
London Thunder – there always has to be a dark and moody one, feels like this story continues into the next two songs
Lonely Hunters – the journey continues, my least favourite on its own but great inbetween these two.
A Knife in the Ocean – the final track on the album and its hauntingly good. This is where they leave us but it feels like it isn’t over…
Another great album from one of my favourite bands of the last few years, I’m satisfied with knowing What Went Down. How about you?

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  1. October 4, 2015 / 6:45 am

    Great blog about a great album….Snake Oil has become my favourite. Dirty rock!

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